Quick Answer: Which Type Of Medication Is Only Allowed To Be Supplied Via A Prescription?

PoM: prescription-only medicines from qualified prescribers (doctors, dentists, nurse or pharmacist independent prescribers, or supplementary prescribers).

P: pharmacy-only medicines, obtained without a prescription (colloquially, ‘over the counter’) from, or under the supervision of, a qualified pharmacist.

Why are some drugs available by prescription only?

Manufactures are required to make drugs only based on a specific formula with regards to the strength of the drug and they must have FDA approved labeling and FDA specific dosage to be on the market. Some OTC drugs could cause drug interactions with prescription medications or cause more adverse effects.

What does pharmacy only mean?

A PO medicine is a product that is licensed as a GSL medicine, but is restricted to sale through pharmacies only. A Pharmacy medicine means a medicinal product that is not a Prescription Only Medicine and is either: • not a medicinal product on a General Sale List, or.

What is the #1 prescribed drug?

By Troy Brown, RN. May 8, 2015 — The thyroid drug Synthroid continues to be the nation’s most-prescribed medication. But Humira, which treats a variety of conditions, had the highest sales, according to the research firm IMS Health.

What are the 3 categories of medicines?

The Medicines Act 1968 defines 3 legal categories of medicines: general sale list medicines (GSL) pharmacy medicines (P) prescription-only medicines (POM)

Some products are classified as borderline medical products, such as:

  • food supplements.
  • herbal products.
  • cosmetics.