Question: What Is Pharmacy Workflow?

By “workflow” we mean the way in which a prescription enters the pharmacy, moves through the filling process, and ends up correctly in the hands of the appropriate patient.

For those who have worked in a community pharmacy setting for many years, the concept of workflow may be nothing new.

How can I improve my pharmacy workflow?

Start with these simple tips to make your pharmacy workflow more efficient than ever.

  • Evaluate your workflow.
  • Streamline movement.
  • Implement stations.
  • Consider automation.
  • Practice the workflow.
  • Review processes regularly.
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How do you manage a pharmacy store?

These 11 pharmacy inventory management tips can help you more efficiently manage your inventory—and boost profits.

  1. Reduce inventory stockpiling.
  2. Keep enough inventory on hand.
  3. Remove slow or dead product.
  4. Incentivize pharmacy technicians.
  5. Conduct regular reviews.
  6. Engage your patients.
  7. Buy quality product.

What can a pharmacy technician not do?

Pharmacy technicians also assist the pharmacist by performing administrative tasks such as running the cash register, filing paperwork, processing insurance claims, and tracking inventory. Pharmacy technicians do not receive medical training. They are not allowed to give medical advice to patients.

How do I change my pharmacy?

Your new pharmacy can either contact your previous pharmacy by phone or you can visit your old pharmacy in person and let them know that you’re transferring. If your new pharmacy has embraced the digital world, you may be able to transfer your prescription online or through their mobile app.

Do pharmacies make mistakes?

The truth is that pharmacies make mistakes – sometimes purely accidental, and sometimes due to negligence. When you are prescribed or given the wrong medication, your health and wellbeing is placed at risk. Pharmacy errors occur more often than most patients would like to know.

How can retail pharmacy be improved?

Below are seven strategic ways to entice patients to make non-prescription purchases and ultimately boost your pharmacy revenue.

  • Do Your Market Research.
  • Use Your Pharmacy’s Floor Plan to Your Advantage.
  • Train Your Pharmacy Team to Cross-Sell and Upsell.
  • Build Strong Customer Relationships.
  • Stock Related Products Closely.