Is LiveHealth Online Free?

They will go to members in plans that cover online visits using LiveHealth Online.

Anthem will also include members who do not have this benefit.

And Anthem encourages them to sign up for it.1 May 2017

How much does it cost to see a doctor online?

The cost of a video visit varies depending on the practice you select and the health insurance coverage you have. For instance, video visits using LiveHealth Online Medical and LiveHealth Online Allergy are $49 or less per visit depending on your health plan.

Can LiveHealth online prescribe medication?

You can get a prescription through LiveHealth Online, if needed. Yes, you can receive a prescription after a visit using LiveHealth Online, if prescribed by the doctor based on diagnosis. “And don’t forget, the same is true with a visit to your doctor’s office in person.”21 Mar 2018

Does anthem cover LiveHealth online?

For members in participating health plans, online visits using LiveHealth Online are a covered benefit. Doctors using LiveHealth Online typically charge $49 or less per visit, depending on the health plan. And online therapy visits usually cost the same as an in-person therapy office visit.1 May 2017

How much does doctor on demand cost?

Each online video chat appointment with a doctor costs patients $40; doctors get $30 of that, with the company taking a $10 cut. Doctors can diagnose illnesses and prescribe medication, but the app and website are not recommended for any patient experiencing a potentially life-threatening emergency medical condition.10 Dec 2013