Is Fred’s Inc Going Out Of Business?

New York (CNN Business) Fred’s, a 72-year-old discount chain, is closing all of its roughly 300 remaining stores and going out of business.

The Memphis-based retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday and said liquidation sales will take place at its stores over the next 60 days.

Is Fred’s going out of business?

Discount chain Fred’s is closing 49 more stores, the Memphis-based company announced Friday. It’s the third round of closings since April and comes five weeks after “going out of business” liquidation sales began at 105 Fred’s stores and follows the decision to shutter 159 locations.

How many Fred’s stores are closing?

Discount chain Fred’s is closing 104 more stores in 13 states — here’s the full list. Fred’s is closing 104 stores and beginning liquidation sales. The stores are spread across 13 states, mostly in the southeastern United States.

Where is Fred’s corporate office?

Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Who bought Fred’s Pharmacy?

Fred’s Inc. is working to shed its past as “Fred’s Super Dollar” to focus on personal healthcare and pharmacy services. Walgreens Boots Alliance said it will buy Fred’s patient prescription files and related pharmacy inventory for $165 million.