Quick Answer: How Do I Refill A Prescription At A Different Pharmacy?

Call your physician’s office if you need a new prescription and provide them the name and phone number of your new pharmacy.

You do not need to transfer your prescriptions if you are getting a refill from a pharmacy within a chain like Walgreens or CVS.

How do I change my pharmacies?

Tips for Switching Pharmacies

  • Talk to Your New Pharmacy. Once you’ve found a trusted, new pharmacist, talk to them about your plan to transfer.
  • Know Your Prescriptions. Switching pharmacies requires a little–but not a lot–of research and planning.
  • Let Your Doctor Know.
  • Refill All Prescriptions at Your New Location.

How do I refill a prescription?

There are several ways to refill your prescription:

  1. In person. Go to the pharmacy where you originally filled your prescription, request a refill, and either wait for it or come back to pick it later.
  2. By phone. Use the pharmacy’s phone number listed on your medicine label to call in your refill.
  3. Online.
  4. By mail.

Can you transfer a prescription from one CVS to another?

Start your transfer

You can transfer your Rx to CVS with our online form or with a pharmacist. Visit or call anytime.

Can I refill a prescription without the RX number?

Ask your pharmacy if they can call your doctor for a refill request. Both your doctor and your pharmacist can fill your prescription without the prescription number. You can inform them of the name and dosage of the medication and they can confirm the prescription number in their records.