Quick Answer: Does Costco Offer Discounts On Memberships?

Current Deals

Costco Military Discount – receive over $60 in savings when you join Costco as a new member.

Exclusive to Military members and Veterans only.

Citi.com is offering Costco Cash Card when you purchase a new membership.

How much does a Costco membership cost 2019?

The annual fee is $60 for “gold star” or business memberships and $120 for each of the two executive plans, which include extra savings and benefits like 2% back on purchases.

Does Costco offer AAA discount?

It’s usually good for about a 10% discount on a refundable rate, similar to the Costco discount. The difference is that while anyone can use the Costco discount (just enter “COSTCO” in the promo code box), getting a AAA discount actually requires you to enter your AAA membership number.

Does Costco offer senior discount?

Costco does not offer a senior discount or a discounted membership fee for seniors.

Does Costco offer teacher discounts?

Join online for the Costco teacher discount on membership.

When teachers join Costco online, they receive over $60 in savings to use in store. This discount applies to all teachers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and for brand-new teacher Costco members.