Do Vets Take Payment Plans?

Not all veterinarians offer payment plans, but some do.

And some vets are willing to negotiate payment plans on a case-by-case basis, depending on the client’s need.

If your vet doesn’t offer payment plans, ask if they accept CareCredit.

CareCredit is a financing program for medical expenses for people and pets.

What can I do if I can’t afford a vet?



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Can you pay monthly for vet bills?

Once your application is approved, your vet is informed that they may proceed with your pet’s treatment. We pay your vet directly and you pay us by direct debit in affordable monthly payments over the time period you choose.

Does VCA have payment plans?

VCA Care Animal Hospital does not offer its own financing or payment plans.

How can I get help paying for vet bills?

Organizations that help with vet bills

  • PAWS. PAWS is a wonderful organization that offers a number of free services to low-income clients.
  • Local Clinics.
  • RedRover.
  • Give Forward.
  • SpayUSA.
  • Brown Dog Foundation.
  • Actors and Others for Animals.
  • The Pet Fund.