Quick Answer: Do Pharmacists Make Mistakes?

Pharmacists are human and do make mistakes from time to time.

An incorrect drug or dosage can seriously harm a patient.

While medication errors can be deadly, they are avoidable.24 Oct 2017

Do pharmacists ever make mistakes?

Although pharmacists do their best, mistakes sometimes happen. Thanks to safer medicine labels and technologies like barcode scanning, mistakes of the past are rapidly declining. The few pharmacy errors that do slip by usually do not cause serious or permanent harm.7 Jun 2017

What happens if a pharmacist gives you the wrong medication?

Prescription errors can occur as a result of the doctor writing the prescription incorrectly or the pharmacy filling it wrong. If you were given the wrong medication from a pharmacy or drug store, and you have not yet taken the medication, it is good that you caught the mistake.

How common are pharmacy errors?

The Institute of Medicine’s recent report, Preventing Medication Errors, concluded that at least 1.5 million preventable adverse drug events occur in the United States each year. Dispensing confusion between 2 drugs with similar brand names and doses has led to medication errors.1 Jan 2007

Can a pharmacist be sued for malpractice?

Yes, you can sue a pharmacy for negligence. That is because pharmacists have a duty of care to the people who ask them to fill a prescription. If a pharmacist’s error caused you injury, then you may have a valid malpractice claim.