Quick Answer: Can You Use Petco Gift Cards At PetSmart?

If you have a gift card that does not have a PIN, it cannot be redeemed online and can only be redeemed at a PetSmart retail store.

In order to use your gift card online, your remaining balance can be transferred to a new gift card at your local PetSmart.

Can you use PetSmart gift cards at Banfield?

Hi @LolPanda_HS – PetSmart gift cards cannot be used at Banfield Pet Hospital locations. Thanks for your question. Hi @Hoeflicker9 – Banfield does not offer gift cards. There are times a gift card would be helpful.

Does Petco have gift cards?

Petco Gift Cards are redeemable for food and merchandise at Petco, Unleashed by Petco and petco.com. Petco Gift Cards are available for purchase here.

Does Petco let you hold animals?

Every Petco store has an independent veterinarian that provides animal care for that store. Petco’s policy requires that a veterinarian treat all sick and injured companion animals. It is Petco’s policy that only licensed veterinarians may perform euthanasia on animals other than fish.

Do Petco gift cards expire?

Petco offers physical gift cards to shop at Petco locations nationwide or you can use a Petco e-gift card when shopping online. Their gift cards do not expire and do not have service fees.

Does PetSmart do gift cards?

Gift Cards. PetSmart gift cards can be purchased online or in our retail stores. PetSmart Merchandise Return Cards are valid in-store only.

Does PetSmart offer cash back?

Petsmart offers cash back with debit purchases.

Can you use Petco gift cards at Unleashed?

Gift Card Terms of Use

Petco Gift Cards are redeemable in Petco and Unleashed by Petco stores nationwide and online at petco.com. Gift Cards are like cash and cannot be returned. Gift Cards are not replaceable if lost, stolen or destroyed.

Does Kroger sell Petco gift cards?

You can buy physical gift cards online or in store. Every time you buy one, you treat yourself too. You’ll earn fuel points when registering your Shopper’s Card at the Kroger Family of Stores. We have shopping gift cards for pretty much every type of purchase.

Does chewy have gift cards?

Chewy on Twitter: “Although we don’t have gift cards for now, we can absolutely use any American Express gift card as an alternative method.… “