Can We Courier Medicines From India To China?

as i knew, buy anti-cancer medicines in India or from India is legal.

and sending such medicines to China is also legal as well as to other countries.

there are many online pharmacy in India, you may try and arrange a transshipment, or ask pharmacy arrange a transshipment.

Can we Courier medicines from India to UK?

Be assured that Fastway Express can deliver critical and lifesaving medicines that are available exclusively in India at your doorstep across the world. No more worrying about procuring your medicines that is available only in India.

Can we send medicine by courier?

Yes you can but courier service may deny medicine which are in liquid form because of handling issue and I find it right. To send any dry medicine you need to have doctors prescriptions and purchase receipt included.

Can we Courier medicines from India to Singapore?

To send medicine via couriers from India to Singapore, You need some documents like Doctor prescription, Medical Invoices etc. You can contact They will guide you from packaging to documentation.1 Feb 2018

How much does it cost to send a package to China?

Shipping from the US to China is much more expensive than vice versa. Why that is, is debatable though one could assume that volume and cost of living has to do with it. That being said, the cheapest way to ship a 1lb parcel from the US to China is using USPS – it will cost you $16.75 if you use First Class Mail.13 May 2013

What are the courier charges from India to UK?

Courier Charges From India To UK

7 KgINR 4,635INR 3,325
8 KgINR 4,943INR 3,800
9 KgINR 5,374INR 4,275
10 KgINR 5,805INR 4,750

7 more rows

29 Jun 2019

Can we Courier medicines from India to Dubai?

Can we courier medicines from India to Dubai? Of course you can. But it will fall under the category of Special Items for export for which you’re bound to pay some fees extra. Rest assured that you’ll have the best care possible for your package until it reaches its destination.

Does DHL ship medicine?

DHL Medical Express is available to laboratories, hospitals and research institutes. The following goods are eligible for shipping: Investigational medicinal products: medicines for clinical trials. Clinical supplies: materials needed to carry out clinical research.2 Mar 2017

Can I send medicine from India to Canada?

As long as you are an Indian citizen and has a prescription and bill to back it you may send the medicine through some friendly passenger or even courier it. It is legal to do so.22 Nov 2010

Can we carry medicines from India to Canada?

If you are carrying any unusual medication, check that it is legal and readily available in the country you intend to visit. Contact the foreign government office in Canada of the country you plan to visit before departing to make sure the medical supplies you intend to bring are allowed into the country.19 Dec 2018

Can we Courier medicines to USA?

Prescription drugs, which are made in the U.S. and then exported, can only be returned to the U.S. manufacturer. Under limited circumstances as defined and allowed by FDA regulations, a small quantity of a prescription drug for personal use might be eligible for import.

Can we send medicine from India to Australia?

You can send numerous things that are medicine from India to Australia, but in general it is hard to know what can be sent and what cannot unless you are a specialist in this area.14 Dec 2018

Can I send medicine to Singapore?

In general, we do not advise mailing / shipping of personal medications. You should see a local medical physician to obtain the drugs through prescription. Unless these medications are not available in Singapore, you are allowed to ship them into Singapore for your own personal use.4 Aug 2010