Can A Human Doctor Become A Vet?

Can a vet become a human doctor?

If you are a licensed vet, you are not allowed to practice human medicine, just as human doctors are not allowed to practice veterinary medicine.

How are human doctors and veterinarians different?

While many human doctors specialize in a certain field – emergency medicine, surgery, or delivering babies, vets are a one-stop shop. Veterinarians must study different types of animals – their physiology, while similar, isn’t always the same, and diseases can present differently in different species.

Does a vet go to school longer than a doctor?

It is more difficult to get into veterinary school than it is to get into medical school. After vet school a vet can opt to do an internship or residency and become board certified like a doctor can, but for vets its 1–3 years and its 3–5 years for a doctor I believe.

Do vets earn more than doctors?

Surgeons are highly trained professionals who tend to earn more than general practitioners — and much more than veterinarians. According to the BLS, surgeons earned an average of $230,540 per year in 2012.