Quick Answer: Can A 17 Year Old Go To The Emergency Room Alone?

Can you take yourself to the ER at 17?

Young people aged 16 and 17 years-old also have rights to confidential healthcare.

Once you turn 16 years-old, you have a legal right to go to a doctor on your own and for conversations with your doctor to be kept confidential.

The doctor should not tell your parents or guardians anything without your permission.

Can a minor go to the ER by themselves?

It is legal in every state to provide emergency medical care to a minor without parental consent. Minors may consent to emergency care if they have the capacity to do so. However, assent for emergency care is no more required than is parental permission.

Can a minor be seen by a doctor without a parent?

Patients between 16-18 years may be seen without a parent for a well visit. However, the parent/guardian must still complete a Permission to Treat a Minor Form. If permission from a parent cannot be obtained, the child cannot be seen, unless it is a life-threatening emergency.

Can a 16 year old make medical decisions?

You can usually consent to your own medical treatment when you are aged 16 and over. However, the closer you get to 18, the more you will be considered able to make your own decisions in respect of your health and medical treatment.

Is what you tell your doctor confidential?

Confidential care means that your medical treatment stays between you and your doctor — you don’t have to get a parent’s permission. Most doctors agree to keep things confidential unless they feel their patient is either in danger or is a danger to others — in these cases, the doctor must inform the teen’s parents.

Can doctors override parents?

THERE are few circumstances in which doctors can override the wishes of parents when it comes to the treatment of a small child. As a general rule, a doctor can act without the consent of the parent or guardian to save life or prevent deterioration in a child’s condition.

At what age can minors make medical decisions?

Medical Decisions for Children 14 to 17 Years Old. Children 14 to 17 years old (but under 18) can make decisions on their own about care necessary for their health.This agreement is legally called “consent”. Note that abortion is usually considered care necessary for a person’s health.

When should I take my kid to the ER?

Children Age 3 and Older

If your child is 3 or older, visit the pediatric ER if the child’s temperature is over 102 degrees for two or more days. You should also seek emergency care if the fever is accompanied by any of these symptoms: Abdominal pain. Difficulty breathing or swallowing.

Can a 14 year old see a doctor without parent?

You can also make and attend appointments on your own and the GP is legally obliged to keep anything you discuss private. If you are under 16 you can go to see a doctor without your parents or carer but you would need them to register you at your GP surgery so that you can book appointments.